Project Description
Bootstrap MVC provides additional methods for the MVC HTML Helper in order to generate HTML Code for the Bootstrap framework.

Bootstrap MVC in a nutshell:

ASP.NET MVC (>3) projects provide easy way to generate HTML code through the HTML helper, but comes with a set of predefined classes that won't match any other framework.

Using extension methods and additional classes, Bootstrap MVC takes care of this issue by generating adapted HTML for the Bootstrap Framework.

This project will be first released as a library, then as a NuGet package.
The main target here is Twitter's Bootstrap but this project might be extended to other frameworks later depending on demands.

Why the project is discontinued

I am very sad but also pleased to end up this project as Microsoft announced the coming changes on ASP.NET which includes the replacement of their graphical framework by Bootstrap. I'm sad for the effort put into this project but very happy to realize I identified the same need, and the same solution as Microsoft did for the ASP.NET stack.
Some parts of this project might remain interesting but this will be studied when their new solution is released officially.


2013/06/09: 1.9 Alpha
Updated BootstrapMvcPage to support generic views with generic view-models as expected.
Added a Generic Bootstrap Helper for later use.
Preparatory update for 2.0 beta release with form implementation.
The next step after the 2.0 Beta release will be the creation of the NuGet package.
2013/06/06: 1.8 Alpha
Updated TagBuilderExt definition with a new method: CreateChild.
Updated Helper definition to use the new TagBuildExt method when possible.
Added ProgressBar Support.
Updated some XML Comments
2013/05/28: 1.7 Alpha
Added Menu form support (basic and search forms).
Added Breadcrumb support (Manual and automatic).
Added Navigation History accessible through the page property "NavigationHistory".
Updated Demo project to include some of the new features.
2013/04/30: 1.5 Alpha
A first alpha version is now released. The documentation and demo project are still on the way.
To be honest I wasn't planning to have such an early release but I had many positive feedback and I hope having this first part released will encourage you to give me some more feedback (issues, advices or features).


Please realize that I have many projects right now, and I use a lot people's requests to refocus my work on the most demanded project.
To sum up, post some issues and features request if you need something, it will help me a lot.

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