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Bootstrap MVC: Basic functions

Basic functions are the implementation of the Basic CSS part of Bootstrap.
  • Typography
    • Lead body
The code:
@Bootstrap.LeadBody("my text")
Will generate:
<p class="lead">my text</p>
  • Emphasized Paragraph
The code:
@Bootstrap.EmphasizedParagraph("my text", Emphasis.Muted)
@Bootstrap.EmphasizedParagraph("my text", Emphasis.Warning)
@Bootstrap.EmphasizedParagraph("my text", Emphasis.Error)
@Bootstrap.EmphasizedParagraph("my text", Emphasis.Info)
@Bootstrap.EmphasizedParagraph("my text", Emphasis.Success)
Will generate:
<p class="muted">my text</p>
<p class="text-warning">my text</p>
<p class="text-error">my text</p>
<p class="text-info">my text</p>
<p class="text-success">my text</p>
  • Abbreviation
The code:
@Bootstrap.Abbreviation("Abbreviation", "abbr")
@Bootstrap.Abbreviation("Abbreviation", "abbr", true)
Will generate:
<abbr title="Attribute">attr</abbr>
<abbr class="initialism" title="Attribute">attr</abbr>
  • Block quote
The code:
// Normal quote
@Bootstrap.Blockquote("My quote1", "The author1", "The source1", "the source title1")

// This quote will be right-aligned
@Bootstrap.Blockquote(""My quote2", "The author2", "The source2", "the source title2", true)
Will generate:
    <p>My quote1</p>
    <small>The author1 <cite title="the source title1">The source1</cite></small>

<blockquote class="pull-right">
    <p>My quote2</p>
    <small>The author2 <cite title="the source title2">The source2</cite></small>

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